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Profe Batista
Willow Grove Middle School
BIlingual Program
Native Language Arts
2011 -2012

In June 2013
by ProfeBatista

Los colores - Colors 21 terms

by ProfeBatista

Fruits - Frutas 23 terms

In January 2012
by arosales

ACS ESL Food 25 terms

by arosales

ACS ESL Cooking 26 terms

by idab

Sports & Recreation (ESL) 33 terms

by arosales

ACS ESL Farm Animals & Their Young 26 terms

by arosales

ACS ESL Buildings & Places 24 terms

by dbsanlou

Heroes Character and Plot 25 terms

by arosales

ACS ESL Adjectives for People 23 terms

by arosales

ACS ESL Clothing 24 terms

by arosales

ACS ESL Fruit 24 terms

by achristensen

Recent U.S. History, Geography, Symbols and Holidays 23 terms

by davehowe

Adjectivos 110 terms

by beachbum93

A toda vela capítulo 1- adjectivos adverbios y expresiones 55 terms

by Eddlem

Los adjectivos 15 terms

by lrobinsonLHS

Los adjetivos 160 terms

by kellyreynolds

Spanish I Adjectives 44 terms

by ProfeBatista

Vocabulario Bilingüe #1: 1-9-12 16 terms

by ProfeBatista

Vocabulario - Partes de Lenguaje 13 terms

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