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#12 What is the capital of Wyoming?

10 pts

those who completed this test:

Titanium Test: What animal makes no more than 20 kills per year?
10 points

G et Awards!
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Bon us round: First one to say "Super Bowl Sunday" gets 15 pts
second one who says it will get 10
third 5 pts

Bonus round is now OPEN.


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Trail Follower --- 121-140
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Silent Walker -------- 161-180
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Traveler --- 261-280
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Experimenter --- 301-350
Vanquisher --- 351-400
Challenger --- 401-450
Enforcer --- 451-500
Knight --- 551-550

Ask Dark_Vegito how and what the Vegito award is.

master-of-d is guise --- 248 --- Pioneer
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Neon Award

soso07---193--- Reporter
N eon Award

ginger2011-2012 --- 100 --- Seeker
Neon Award

GP20 --- 100 --- Seeker

jesslm101 --- 70 --- Hunter

potatoekit21 --- 15 --- Searcher
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Section 2 Legend of Heroes:

This is the New Quantum Plutonium
Legend of Heroes

This is a group that will test you on different subjects. It will have random questions about history, math, science, and other random things. You might learn something from this group that you probably did not know.

Study Group.
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ginger201 1-2012
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Note: Don't forget to check out the Free Points set and the Bonus Points set.

Q10: What is the oxalate of bread pumpernickel?

35 pts

those who have completed this test:

Q11: How long is the average Earth worm?
Answer in millimeters.

10 pts

those who have completed this test:
KewlPer son

Q12: Approximately how many kinds of Earth worms are there?

10 pts

those who have completed this test:

Q13: How long do penguins usually live?

10 pts

those who have completed this test:

Q14: How much do the penguins weigh during the nesting season?

15 pts

those who have completed this test:

Q15: What is the name of the first track on the Transformers 3 soundtrack?

10 pts

those who have completed this test:

Poll1: What do you think of Legend of Heroes and what would you rate this group? Rate this group from 0-10. 10 being the best rating.

Those who have completed this test:
GP20 --- 9
KewlPerson --- 9.9
lukedavis57 --- 9
ginger2011-2012 --- 9
soso07--- 10
P-HUMM33 --- 9.6

Thanks for rating this group- BlockaFrogy

Poll2: If you were going to name this group what would it be?

Bonus round:

Leader Board:
lukedavis57 --- 90

soso07 --- 60

ginger2011-2012 --- 60

P-HUMM33 --- 10 pts

KewlPerson --- 10 pts

GP20 --- 5

The Winner will be announced on Thursday! So get as many points as you can before then if you want to be the next Hero.

I would like KewlPerson, ginger2011-2012, lukedavis57, soso07, GarlicPowder20, Dark_Vegata to join the inner counsel set.

Reasons for demoting KewlPerson and Dark_Vegeta. I demoted KewlPerson because she has left Quizlet and i don't no when she will be back. I demoted Dark_Vegeta because he has is own group to deal with and he has not been that involved in this group since its last deletion.

I am currently looking for a manager i can trust. And someone who will devote their time to this group.


I would like to thank Galicpowder20, soso07, ginger2011-2012, lukedavis57, and KewlPerson for participating in the tests. If you guys did not participate in the tests i probably would have deleted this group.

Special thanks goes to Garlicpowder20 for asking me to make this group again. I would have not made remade this group if it was not for him. :D

Past Heroes:

Week two Hero: lukedavis57

Week one Hero: KewlPerson

In April 2012

Vocab. 14 10 terms

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Vocab. 15 10 terms

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Vocab 16 10 terms

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Vocab 17 10 terms

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Vocab 18 10 terms

added by Deayvion
In January 2012

Join Legend of Heroes 8 terms

added by Szash-1
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