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Hi, this is the creator of the group. I'll allow anyone to join. Quizlet does not allow cussing/ swearing, etc. I'm just wanting to meet people on Quizlet. If you want to be manger, just ask.

In May 2014

Easiest quizlet ever 26 terms

added by Tyler_Hamilton76
In March 2012

Who hates Kony? 10 terms

added by LetsHelpStopKony

Super quiz 11 terms

added by sekz

awesomeness beast 3 terms

added by sekz

randomness 5 terms

added by sekz

maniac awesomness 5 terms

added by sekz

Weird Signs 12 terms

added by What-The-Heck
In February 2012

easiest set 2 terms

added by zman13
No sets matching found in this class