English 1 Semester 2

English I, a college preparatory course, examines three major areas: literature, composition and vocabulary. Students will read a variety of literary genres, focusing on fiction (novels and short stories), nonfiction (essays, biographies and autobiographies), poetry (including Homer's epics) and drama (plays including Shakespeare). Different forms of writing, such as narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, comparison and contrast, will be read, analyzed and written. Grammar, usage and mechanics will be included as a way of aiding students in writing clear, well-organized sentences, paragraphs and essays. Students will improve their reading comprehension and analytical skills through their reading and writing activities. Cultivating an appreciation and enjoyment of literature will be encouraged also. The students will broaden their vocabulary through their reading experiences. PSAT and SAT preparation will be stressed as an integral part of vocabulary enrichment. Study skills and test-taking skills will be emphasized as well throughout the course.

In February 2012

Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT Book I — Lesson 5 10 terms

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