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here, u can talk about anything! Have fun, Learn a lot, and make many friends.

1)To become manager, u must complete these challenges
3 challenges past and u are manager.
2) No cursing
3) No spamming
4) No insulting other people

Well, that's all the nasty stuff. Please join and have fun!

P.S. Try to get as many people to join this group!
From, Seamus Sullivan

In March 2012
by skspier1024

NHL teams 30 terms

by selizabeth

MLB Teams 30 terms

by skspier1024

MLB teams 30 terms

by skspier1024

NFL teams 32 terms

by skspier1024

NBA teams 30 terms

by seamussullivan

chuck norris 78 terms

by seamussullivan

naruto 8 terms

by seamussullivan

mario 2 terms

by seamussullivan

best games 5 terms

by seamussullivan

plants vs. zombies 4 terms

by seamussullivan

about me 9 terms

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