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Olympic watchers supporting the United States

EDIT, APRIL 2010: I guess the better title would be "Team USA 2012" instead of its current name. Oh well, I've even missed "2010" somehow. Here's the story:

A while ago, I think December 08, there was some ban on anyone under 13. Though the birthday was months away, I was without a vital tool for what seemed an eternity. The birthday came and went -- no access.

I wrote the organization. Response? Still banned, no update. Nonetheless, a new account was created, and more sets were made.

Regardless to say, in checking mail I was set to delete a Quizlet notice when it brought me to a login screen. Just for kicks I put in my old username and IT WORKED! I got in and checked it all out.

Well, no one has responded in over a year (actually, 17 months ago -- end of ceremonies plus some weeks). Since you have been devoted (enough) to the group and site, I didn't have the heart to delete. I just have to quit.

In the Quizlet revival and renewal, there was a group limit. Sure, I've got nothing on it at the time, but spring cleaning wouldn't hurt. Again, I shall leave. But if and when I come crawling back, remember who made EVERYONE a manager. Right?

Thanks again. Keep the faith

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