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Study material for ABMM 2012 - 2013

In September 2013
by AK1138

Immunizations 49 terms

by amber0553

MTB - ID 133 terms

by patchadams

Step 1 Buzzwords Microbiology & Immunology 443 terms

by aldwiniuy

Microbiology Lab ASCP exam 84 terms

by apadilla05

microbiology ascp 64 terms

by aldwiniuy

Biochemical tests 56 terms

by aldwiniuy

Bacteriology Biochemical Tests 74 terms

by aldwiniuy

Primary Culture Media 36 terms

by aldwiniuy

Microbiology ASCP Q's 229 terms

In August 2013
by jill_bosworth

Isolation Precautions Kaplan NCLEX 52 terms

In April 2013
by jgroch

Parasitology, ASCP(M) 164 terms

by abklmd

Micro ASCP: Enterobacteriaceae 18 terms

by miems

ASCP micro 5/19/12 179 terms

by toddn

Microbiology ASCP Q's 229 terms

by stewarj9

Viral Infections of the Respiratory Tract 58 terms

by tsevier78

Microbiology StudyMate 5 150 terms

by realmadrid89

Clinical Microbiology UTHSC 56 terms

by brwaddell

Parasites for block 1, test 1. micro 45 terms

by errinrider

Mycobacteriology 79 terms

by ru_mars

Viral Vignettes 47 terms

by tjugler

I.D.#2.17: Clinical Microbiology of infections in Children 22 terms

by tjugler

I.D.#2.13: Transplant infections 28 terms

by tjugler

Infectious Disease Lecture #16: Viral Skin infections 19 terms

by tjugler

Infectious Disease Test 1: Bugs 53 terms

by tjugler

I.D. #2.5: Infection Control and Prevention 9 terms

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