Fortenberry's AP Government

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This is a group for students in Ms. Fortenberry's AP Government classes at Cedar Park High School.

In September 2013
by GodsonIheanacho

Fortenberry - Amendments 27 terms

by GodsonIheanacho

Fortenberry - Court Cases 49 terms

In May 2012
by andrewquinn2012

Budget 10 terms

In April 2012
by jericanderson1

The Constitution 21 terms

by Ryan32395

Chapter 2 23 terms

by Victoriatellez

Ch 11 interest groups 20 terms

by Victoriatellez

Ch 19 policymaking for healthcare and the environment 11 terms

In March 2012
by jessica_jackson

Nominations and Campaigns (Chapter 9) 17 terms

by Heathersawyer

Budget Vocabulary 23 terms

by Jtdevlin

Chapter 6 - Public Opinion and Political Action 18 terms

by Jtdevlin

Chapter 16 - The Federal Courts 23 terms

by TheWiz2

AP Government - The New Face of State and Local Government 14 terms

by TheWiz2

AP Government - The Mass Media and the Political Agenda 15 terms

by siobhancasey94

Civil Rights terms 16 terms

by Heathersawyer

The Bureacracy 21 terms

by Heathersawyer

Social Welfare Policymaking 15 terms

by amynut10

Chapter 12 Congress 19 terms

by Heathersawyer

Foreign and Defense Policymaking 18 terms

by andrewquinn2012

Chapter 13 14 terms

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