District 12

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The Twelfth of Twelve Districts.
Every month, two tributes will be reaped from this district
to participate in the annual Hunger Games at the Capitol

The winner will be made manager for a minimum of 2 months

All losers will be removed from the group
(This is just for effect, you can rejoin afterwards)

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Primary Production:

Currently Available

Current Tribute

Previous Victors

Peacekeepers (managers):

Ex ecuted (removed):

In June 2014
by KiaSohma


In January 2014
by KiaSohma

Color 13 terms

In December 2013
by robertpanek7

The legend of the Draconae [Chapters 2-4] 4 terms

by robertpanek7

The Legend of the Draconae. 3 terms

by robertpanek7

Please read if you love the Hunger Games! 4 terms

In November 2013
by FairyTail101

Fairy Tail 32 terms

by emeraldbay

My Contest Entry 3 terms

In June 2013
by redenwolf

lotr and other monsters 4 terms

by redenwolf

weird, wild and war! 37 terms

In March 2013
by cassidy_sledge

I miss ya'all! 9 terms

In November 2012
by sunshinecarols

Designer or Mentor or Tribute? 8 terms

by sunshinecarols

LISTEN UP... 17 terms

by That_Ninja

Rhyme and Pass 2 terms

by I_want_a_phoenix

One of the longest words in history 29 terms

In October 2012
by ilove2write

What to Work On, Help??? 6 terms

by birdyduck

Combo with midwest reigion and 1 other 24 terms

by ilove2write

What will come around the bend, chapter three 2 terms

In September 2012
by cassidy_sledge

A Poem: Pain 3 terms

by SillySalsaGirl

22 ways to annoy people 22 terms

In August 2012
by srarongione

Realidades 1 3A 71 terms

by cassidy_sledge

SKADOOSH! 5 terms

by cassidy_sledge

The day I died * 1 3 terms

In July 2012
by cassidy_sledge

The day I died * Prologue 4 terms

In June 2012
by thetruthhassetmefree1

follow my cousin on twitter 2 terms

by thetruthhassetmefree1

follow me on twitter 3 terms

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