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In April 2012
by madamemontgomery

Les animaux de compagnie rdl8 15 terms

by hectoracevedo

Les moyens de transport 63 terms

by kathleenpepin

Blanc: Lesson 13: Passetemps~Cinéma /pictures 25 terms

by burchama

Les Monuments de Paris 41 terms

by frackiewicz

French 4 - house, furniture 46 terms

by MmeThomas

Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French) 18 terms

by abosch

U8 French Vocab - Vacation, Travel & Camping 45 terms

by pmass

French Classroom Objects and School Supplies 42 terms

by hectoracevedo

Les vĂȘtements (1-2ESO) 48 terms

by Mr_Chapman

Mr. Chapman East Freshman - French Revolution 54 terms

by frackiewicz

French 4 unit 7 clothing 70 terms

by abosch

Fr2 U3.9 French Vocab - Food Boutiques 9 terms

by browniepts

Les Nourritures (Food) 32 terms

by kathleenpepin

Blanc: Lesson 9: Food Stores~Pictures 8 terms

by gbackes

Bennington- Lecon 3A-food & drink 32 terms

by qty636

Verlan 54 terms

by frenchetc

French Verlan Slang 35 terms

by carlyfay

Verlan Vocab Translations 27 terms

by Saskia_0211

Verlan 22 terms

by zuejuice

Verlan 20 terms

by houseluver923

le verlan 39 terms

by jgnage

French Transition Words 19 terms

by Monsieur_d

AP les expressions de transition 33 terms

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