American Studies 2011-2012

Mr. Gonzales & Mrs. Clausnitzer

American Studies (U.S. History & English)

Homestead High School (Mustangs)

The Final is on Tuesday April 23rd!

B206/207 - Mr. Gonzales & Mrs. Clausnitzer, Homestead High School, Cupertino, CA

********************** IMPORTANT NOTICE **********************

In order to get an A or higher on this final do the following:

# 1)

Please review your notes, homework, projects (if applicable), etc.starting from January (starting from Civil War) to April (President Johnson, Vietnam War, Cold War, etc.)

# 2)

please read the following chapters 4-26. (Civil War - to what we learned in April); especially the terms, the special sections as listed in textbook (pages xviii - xx ~ listed at beginning of the book) : Tracing Themes, Daily Life, Geography Spotlight, American Literature, Now & Then, Key Players, etc & read accordingly


review with friends, or whatever you do to do well on a test (no cramming night before sessions or whatever like that)

The terms on this quizlet is not for you to memorize, it is for you to remember that you understand this material. Writing your own study guide with definitions from textbook will not help you, becuase when Mr. Gonzales says he is testing terms, these terms could range from the basic vocab to the "explain the events of what happened at this time." vocab. Also note that many of the important stuff he stated "it (may, will,or definitely) be on the finals" are not listed here.

If you are too lazy to do the following above, well that is (in lack of better terms): "too bad for you." It is not summer break, you should be reviewing for APs, or finals, or whatever.

Chris Yang

In April 2012

American Studies Final Study Guide 2012 106 terms

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