Navy PMT Class 20151

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This is for the class 20151 PMT Class Fort Sam Houston. Grad Aug 22nd

In September 2012
by kai79791

BUMEDINST 6220.12B 28 terms

by idc10030

Bumedinst 4010.3 21 terms

by vicmonty

BUMEDINST 10110.6 Nutrition Standards and Education, CH. 2 41 terms

In August 2012
by FMFDevilDoc

Epidemiology Test 2 50 terms

In June 2012
by teljnd83

Aspects of Water Test 1 65 terms

by hldrmn

Food Service Sanitation (PMT) 48 terms

by navygrl956734

Training Requirements for Management Personnel 10 terms

by navygrl956734

Personnel Responsibilities 20 terms

by divamom41


by navygrl956734

Active Managerial Control 49 terms

by navygrl956734

HACCP Approach 20 terms

by navygrl956734

Quiz on names and their bacteria, toxin, parasite, etc. 24 terms

by navygrl956734

Foods and their illness 24 terms

by navygrl956734

Proper handwashing procedures 6 terms

by navygrl956734

Health Requirements 13 terms

by navygrl956734

Providing Safe Food Part 1 161 terms

by steffy1649

ServSafe Practice Test 89 terms

by pali4life1988

ServSafe Exam 168 terms

by mskitty1987

prev med 106 medical threat 21 terms

by teljnd83

Med threat/IPMM/Unit Level PMM/Field Waste Disposal/Personnel Resp./Prev Med Comm/ 82 terms

by hvg1092

Prev 106 Med Threat 111 terms

In May 2012
by navygrl956734

Quizzes For Medical Threat Lessons 66 terms

by navygrl956734

Individual Preventive Medicine Measures (IPMM) 62 terms

by navygrl956734

Medical Threats for Field Forces 20 terms

by navygrl956734

Heat Stress Program 12 terms

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