It was a cool November morning. I got ready for work and headed out. I was seven months pregnant with my second child. I was excited. This was the first day that I was off of the medicine to make sure that my baby would not come before it was supposed to. The doctor said that I might go into labor, but I didn't think that was going to happen. The baby started to kick more than it had ever kicked.
As I getting ready for a KSDK News segment, I felt a hard kick in my stomach.
"Are you okay, Michelle?" asked one of my concerned co-workers as I grasped my stomach and bent over in pain.
"Yes, she's kicking, that's all" I said, unsure if I really was okay or not.
"Ill call a doctor!" she insisted.
"Michelle your on in 3!" the camera man shouted.
"NO! I'm fine, really." I argued back. I knew that he would have told me not to do this broadcast and didn't want my boss to be mad at me.
I put on my favorite red suit with the gold buttons down the front, put a little of powder on, fixed my hair, put my earpiece in and I was ready to go.
"Oooooh!" I screamed as I felt another kick. They were getting faster and harder and I started to have trouble breathing.
And in five, four, three, two..." the cameraman pointed to me as I felt another hard kick and my stomach started to get hard.
"No turning back now," I thought as I began.
"Hello this is *breath*Michelle Hofland reporting *breath* for KSDK news *breath*."
It was hard to get thorough it, but I did. I was out of breath and sweating the whole broadcast!
This was enough; we needed to call the doctor. He told us to get to a hospital right away because I was in labor.
In the car ride the contractions stopped. We called the doctor and he said it's probably a false labor but to still come down and see him.
Sure enough, it was a false labor. He put me back on my medicine for another week or so and then took me off.
In January, I had the baby. It was a girl and we named her Kathryn.

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