Castilleja French III

Castilleja School · Palo Alto, CA

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In April 2015
by chlofromidd

Le Petit Prince Vocab (ch 1-4) 48 terms

by ssilva18

Imperative and Special Verbs (Pronouns) 13 terms

In March 2015
by therealforesthunter

Vocabulaire 84 terms

by Simran18

Irregular Futur Stems 15 terms

by chlofromidd

chapter 6 vocab 54 terms

In February 2015
by chlofromidd

cyrano vocab 26 terms

In December 2014
by Simran18

Irregular Past Participles 42 terms

by Simran18

Chapter 4 TV Vocabulary 24 terms

In November 2014
by Simran18

Chapter 4 Technology Vocabulary 27 terms

by elysegarreau

French Vocabulary - Les Loisirs 66 terms

by bramon16

French 3 Vocab Ch1 87 terms

In October 2014
by Simran18

Reflexive Verb Definitions 22 terms

In September 2014
by Simran18

Chapter 2 Vocabulary 53 terms

by Simran18

Idioms with ĂȘtre and avoir 22 terms

by Simran18

Expressions with DE 15 terms

by Simran18

Chapter 1 Vocabulary 94 terms

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