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This year's 2016 Bible Bee Book/Passage of study for nationals is 1 John! Let's study it so we are prepared!
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- Please add only sets related to the book/passage we are studying
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1 John 2:1-17 Multiple Choice Quiz (in progress) 10 terms Private

added by Justin_McA

2016 Bible Bee Nationals - Junior Memory Passages - ESV - First Four Words 113 terms Private

added by Just-Passing-Through
This week

Who wants to make it to Nationals? 12 terms

added by Justin_McA

NBB16 | 1 John NKJV 105 terms

added by RipplesRBB5

Greek Words - 1 John 1 27 terms

added by alaskabiblebee

Junior 2016 National Passages first 3 words NKJV (Unfinished) 69 terms

added by RipplesRBB5

BB Passages 5 terms

added by Justin_McA

Quizlet BB Meeting 6 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

1 John 1_Cross References (Still in progress) 7 terms

added by K8GB

First three words of Psalm 119:25-40 ESV 16 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

How to Audition for 2016 BBGS? (PilgrimOnEarth) 5 terms

added by Justin_McA

BTW Everyone! 15 terms

added by Justin_McA
Last week

1 John 1 Interview Questions (Bible Bee 2016) 10 terms

added by KatherineForster

All Greek Words from the 1 John Sword Study 14 terms

added by ForHisGlory_Holly

Matching the parts of Psalm 119:25-40 ESV 16 terms Private

added by BibleBeeMe

Meeting each other!! 20 terms

added by RipplesRBB5

Have You Ever Been a Semi-finalist? (For PilgrimOnEarth) 14 terms

added by biblebee

1 john greek words 12 terms Private

added by mgymnast8

Which Psalm is Which? (NKJV) 24 terms

added by ForHisGlory_Holly

Which is Which? Matching Up Set (NKJV) 3 terms

added by ForHisGlory_Holly

Junior National Memory Passage/Greek Questions 13 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

Bible Bee Questions 64 terms Private

added by BibleBeeMe

Authors of Junior Memory Passages 18 terms

added by BibleBeeMe
This month

1 John 1_Greek Words 11 terms

added by K8GB

"How Many?" (Amounts of verses of the Junior Passages.) (FINISHED!!) 119 terms

added by Justin_McA
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