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This year's 2016 Bible Bee Book/Passage of study for nationals is 1 John! Let's study it so we are prepared!
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- Please add only sets related to the book/passage we are studying
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1 John Greek for Nationals 2016 64 terms Private

added by bardleonard

1 John 1_Interview Questions 10 terms

added by K8GB

1 John Multiple Choice Quiz In Progress (NKJV) 10 terms

added by lambie35
This week

Junior NKJV Locals and Nationals passages quotes (Unfinished) 6 terms

added by pompie

Senior National Passage Context (Not finished) 33 terms Private

added by BibleBee4Jesus

Last words of Senior Passages KJV 127 terms

added by AnnaPatrice

1st words of all 113 cards (KJV).{FINISHED}!!!!!!!! 113 terms

added by Ella-Grace-5

First Few Words Junior National Verses 2016 (NKJV) In Progress 51 terms

added by lambie35

Very important Greek 1 John 55 terms

added by AnnaPatrice

less important Greek for 1 John 41 terms

added by AnnaPatrice

John & I John "command" & "commandments" 20 terms

added by BibleBeeMe

1 John Greek Words 172 terms

added by Everett_C
Last week

Greek for 1 John 5 50 terms

added by rachaelelise31

1 John # of KW's (KJV) 2 terms Private

added by wanliss

Local passages New King James Version 14 terms

added by pompie

1 John 2 Random Access NKJV 29 terms

added by pompie

1 John 4 Random Access NKJV 21 terms

added by pompie

Greek for 1 John 4 39 terms

added by rachaelelise31
This month

Numbers of Key words in 1 John KJV 20 terms

added by BBBoysx3

First Verse of Psalms in Junior National Passages Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23 terms

added by pompie

Greek 4 1 John 73 terms

added by rebekah614

Thoughts on Passages (PilgrimOnEarth) 10 terms

added by Justin_McA

What John called his readers-1 John 16 terms

added by rachaelelise31

Greek for 1 John 3 46 terms

added by rachaelelise31

1 John Greek 139 terms

added by joexiques1
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