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This is a website created by Frau Grois for her German I students.

In May 2015
added by leh2000

Österreich Staaten 9 terms Private

added by leh2000

German Bundesländer 16 terms Private

added by vachambers

Mein Tag 42 terms

In February 2015
added by dgrois

In der Stadt 30 terms Private

In May 2014
added by mnormansell

20 Terms - Baked Goods 20 terms

added by Leanah

German Desserts 20 terms

added by PWachter

Spices - "Gewürze" 20 terms

added by edeglau

Backwaren 20 terms Private

added by EuropeanSwallow

das Gemüse 20 terms

added by benowen_s

Andere Lebensmittel 20 terms Private

added by MWbaseball

Getränke 20 terms

added by RStaudenmaier

Obst Period 5 20 terms

In April 2014
added by FalcoDarr

Obst Set 20 terms

In November 2013
added by dgrois

Das Klassenzimmer 40 terms

In March 2011
added by dgrois

Body Part Vocabulary 52 terms

In February 2011
added by dgrois

Das Wetter 55 terms

In October 2010
added by dgrois

Adjectives (Personality) 30 terms

In June 2009
added by koshthethird

Foods/Beverages/Stores 62 terms Private

In January 2009
added by rpanko

Question Words 11 terms

In December 2008
added by koshthethird

Kapitel 2 - Im Kaufhaus 29 terms

In November 2008
added by Dusseldorfian

reg. verb conjugations 7 terms

In April 2008
added by bpanko

Verben mit Trennbaren Präfixen (Verbs With Separable Prefixes) 18 terms

added by Erik

Uhrzeiten 18 terms

added by cacondro

Kapitel 4 German 1 Vocab 59 terms

added by bpanko

Deutsch Wortschatz von Kapitel 4: Tageszeiten 50 terms

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