YEAR 3 REVIEW- mckernan

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Mme. McKernan, Liberty High School, French 3, Block 3

Last week
by jenawelty

50 Most Common French Verbs- French 3 Honors 50 terms

In May 2014
by cecilemarie

VERBS!! 278 terms

by cecilemarie

All the green grammar boxes at the end of the book. 121 terms

by Nexussingapore

Les magasins et les prepositions 22 terms

by fatougc

Personnages de l'Histoire de France 32 terms

by cecilemarie

Les problèmes de la société 22 terms

by EC24

Les interrogatifs de base - Basic question words 9 terms

by MargRocks101

Les Adjetifs TRÈS Irréguliers 18 terms

by madamemcd

les verbes irréguliers au passé composé (les pp) 30 terms

by lemoineb

Les pays francophones -AP 44 terms

by Carole_Chala

U1 Vive les vacances-pays francophones 37 terms

by chizztle

Le Futur Antérieur 25 terms

by dlush

Le Future Sample/ Le Conditionnel 20 terms

by cecilemarie

irregular avoir past participles 21 terms

by cecilemarie

les verbes pronominaux 108 terms

In September 2013
by AlyssaPatterson

THIBAUD CH7 74 terms

In March 2012
by juneguo

THIBAUD CH4 91 terms

In May 2011
by jcthuy

Prepositions: À et De 39 terms

by jcthuy

des verbes suivis de à ou de de devant l'infinitif 24 terms

by jcthuy

THIBAUD-Futur 24 terms

by jcthuy

THIBAUD-Future/Conditional Tenses Irregular Verb Stems 15 terms

In March 2011
by jcthuy

Basic French Vocabulary and Phrases 35 terms

by jcthuy

Basic French Grammar Terms 11 terms

In September 2010
by cecilemarie

Clothing- French 43 terms

In January 2010
by stacymichelllex0

Past Participles 34 terms

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