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Super Young Scientists ยท Schrodinger's Cat, Antarctica

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A Quizlet group on science!

Come join this club where you can learn about science, talk and meet other young scientists, and do other amazing things! We hail from the United States to Singapore to Schrodinger's Cat, Antarctica.


Adding sets:
Only science please. Non-science will be deleted. Thank you!

Science ROCKS!!'s new addition and collaboration: Presenting our official members website at Moosmosis ( All members in Science ROCKS!! are official members of Moosmosis, and have the potential to have their sets personally featured in our website. <Member of the Months> are also featured in our Moosmosis's "Science Fun" Section at

Science ROCKS!! <Member of the Month> awards coming up soon! Members will be selected each month for their dedication and contributions to the group. They will be selected based on the quality and quantity of the Science sets they add to the group! So, create and add in those spectacular science sets! :D

All members are eligible to participate in the <Member of the Month> awards, including new and past awarded members. Don't be discouraged if you weren't this month's <Member of the Month> because you may be next month's! :) The admin of Science ROCKS!! keep an eye out for consistent members as well! All winners are posted onto our official science collab website at ~ Check it out!

Sept's<Member of the Month> will be announced at the end of this month! :D

Congratulations to the following members!
August: SteveOpp

June: Dylan_Matlin


April: MONEYJ5
Honorable Mentions to <AbigailMontgomery> and <usctrojansrule>

March: Mattrajohpollis
Honorable Mention: usctrojanrule

February: tkdolphin
Honorable Mentions to <Mattrajohpollis>

January: <Olympicdiver1>
Honorable mentions to <Dylan_Matlin> and <Skruger5>

December: <Professor_Hyde>

Science ROCKS!!! is proud to announce its sixth anniversary! Yay! Science Rocks is glad to welcome any newcomers. So, come and join, tell your friends, and spread the word of SCIENCE!! :)

Happy studying!
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Pokemon Go Top 20 20 terms Private

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Pokemon Go Worst 10 10 terms Private

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Spanish Speaking Counties and their capitals 21 terms

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Combo with "days of the best thing ever is when I get to see your face in my head" and 27 others 466 terms

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Spanish I Vocabulary 61 terms

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History Vocab 1 46 terms

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Biology notes 11 terms

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Social Science Research Unit 1 Test 20 terms

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In September 2016

cards of science 1 14 terms

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Appology 3 terms

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Cell Processes and Energy 24 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Cells in the Environment 12 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Chemical compounds in Cells 32 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Looking Inside Cells 42 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Discovering Cells 29 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Cell Biology: Cell Structure and Function 41 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading 13 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Optical Tools 14 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Seeing Light 19 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Reflection And Refraction 24 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Visible Light and Color 10 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Electromagnetic Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum 20 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Using Light 47 terms

added by usctrojansrule

Life Science 70 terms

added by usctrojansrule
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