French KS3 at Wyvern

Wyvern Technology College · Eastleigh, United Kingdom

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This class has 28 sets

In July 2014
by frenchetc

French text message, texto, sms 30 terms

In March 2014
by msashdown

describing people 20 terms

by msashdown

days & months 23 terms

by msashdown

numbers 24 terms

by msashdown

school subjects & opinions 20 terms

by hlees27

Les Passe-Temps 40 terms

by owens19

Les Passe-Temps/Les Loisirs (Fais-Do) 29 terms

by Ms_Leger

les sports et les passe-temps 70 terms

In January 2014
by davidbferguson

les matières 51 terms

by MissCairnsBLS

Expo Rouge GCSE le collège - les matières 17 terms

In October 2013
by hklejardin

Les jours et les mois 24 terms

by madamembs

Fournitures de classe -school supplies 30 terms

by thewumpus

Vocabulaire: La date, le mois et les saisons 27 terms

by Cazorla

Les jours, les mois et les nombres 89 terms

by lucylholmes

FR I - Ma Famille (pix) 20 terms

by y2016emmgle

la famille 20 terms

In September 2013
by TheBodyBag

Le Bon Numéro: Les Chiffres 0-69 70 terms

by echofrench

Les chiffres et les nombres en français (de 0 à 100) 101 terms

by ivan_duchauffour

Nombres / chiffres 34 terms

In April 2013
by MonsieurHowells

Unité 3 - Miam miam! - At the café 21 terms

by MonsieurHowells

EN2 2.2 J'ai mal! 26 terms

by MonsieurHowells

TT2 Les transports p26 13 terms

by alexanderdj

La télé 15 terms

by MmeVan

French - Food (la nourriture) 56 terms

by mherlan

Les Sports 25 terms

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