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Applying to join this group is a test. If you are smart enough to follow simple instructions, you get to join. If not, you don't. The ONLY way to join this group is by following the directions below. It's too big for me to manage until Quizlet comes up with a better way of managing classes. The instructions are SIMPLE. Please read them below:

If you would like to join this group, either simply click, or if that doesn't work, copy and paste this link in your browser --> https://quizlet.com/join/DGzTKwsE8

It's really that easy. YOU CAN DO IT.


A group created for those wishing to learn the Japanese reading/writing system (kana and kanji), as well as grammar, vocabulary, and phrases.

You will need to be able to view Japanese on your computer to use this group, and please NO ROMAJI (it is a crutch, and hinders learning Japanese).

If you need Japanese support on your computer go here to get the Google Japanese IME--> goo.gl/jDsKXN

If you crosspost random lists or advertisements for other groups, you will be removed if you don't fix it immediately. If you post romaji lists or things that aren't Japanese, that will also get you a ban.


In November 2016

Tae Kim 2 137 terms

added by jococo1221

Tae Kim's Japanese 293 terms

added by jococo1221
In August 2016

N316夏8週的單字 23 terms

added by shen_wei

擬聲擬態(一) 30 terms

added by shen_wei

漢字讀音一 91 terms

added by shen_wei

Japanese numbers 29 terms

added by Edward_Lake
In April 2016

浴室♢Bathroom 12 terms

added by emmadreemurr24
In March 2016

Japanese - The Human body 29 terms

added by emmadreemurr24
In February 2016

Hiragana 71 terms

added by Artemis219

Japanese II: Items around the house 15 terms

added by misskii

Jpn II: Unit 3 Subjects 26 terms

added by misskii

Wilsensei Japanese 1 Adjectives 35 terms

added by misskii
In January 2016

Japanese Vocabulary 20 terms

added by DepyMan

Japanese Adjectives 1 (JFYP) 60 terms

added by Miss_Ellette

Adverbs 26 terms

added by Miss_Ellette

Leftover JLPT 4 Verbs 41 terms

added by Miss_Ellette
In December 2015

3.9 Nonaka sensei's Basic Japanese Verbs 1 (PLAIN FORM) 110 terms

added by panicqueen

Intermediate Japanese [Revised Edition] 中級の日本語 - 第八課の単語 ‐ 読み物 AIU 65 terms

added by Lytherian
In November 2015

AIJ Vol.1 Ch. 12 Adjectives 56 terms

added by mdemond

Japanese Aisatsu 54 terms

added by DepyMan
In October 2015

Greeting in Japanese 22 terms

added by DepyMan

Hiragana 46 terms

added by DepyMan
In September 2015

Year 8 Japanese - hiragana a,k,g,s,z 25 terms

added by DepyMan

MASSIVE Vocabulary... Japanese 1 246 terms

added by moon21

Hiragana K&G line 10 terms

added by DepyMan
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