Italian 2

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Rivezzi, Colts Neck, Italian 2

In May 2013
by ProfBishop

I numeri ordinali 39 terms

In February 2013
by pzdorfmann

Imperativo! 30 terms

by federicaproietti

Imperativo 29 terms

by duliebedu

Imperativo -ere, -ire verbs 30 terms

In January 2013
by rivezzi

Verbs To Know - Midterm 40 terms

In December 2012
by federicaproietti

ciao capitolo 10: la moda 39 terms

In May 2012
by katemet

Pronomi Diretti e Indiretti 20 terms

by juzbiagio

Pronomi diretti e indiretti 16 terms

by nyoung4

Italiano Imperativi irregulari 18 terms

by tferretto

Imperativi fomali Prego 12 15 terms

by mitchyankees

imperativi 14 terms

by hollyhynson

Imperativi 62 terms

by federicaproietti

pronomi doppi 25 terms

by federicaproietti

pronomi doppi 8 terms

by lmagliari

2OP - pronomi doppi 55 terms

by federicaproietti

cultura Italiano 2 - finale 25 terms

by federicaproietti

Italiano 2 finale vocab 70 terms

by federicaproietti

passato prossimo frasi 55 terms

by federicaproietti

il gerundio e la forma progressiva 18 terms

In November 2011
by oheliscia

Italian Capitolo 9 36 terms

In June 2011
by rivezzi

Italian 2 FInal Review Vocab 70 terms

In May 2011
by rivezzi

Capitolo 13 37 terms

by hillary87

verbi irregolari: futuro semplice stems 13 terms

by ksmith580

Futuro Semplice (Future Tense) 23 terms


Passato Prossimo vs Imperfetto 15 terms

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