French 1 IB/ab initio

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Madame Browne
Champlin Park
Period 4

In March 2015
by Madame_Browne

Mr. Dr. Vanderstamp 16 terms

In October 2014
by Madame_Browne

Past Participles 29 terms

In May 2014
by sml80

Unité 2: Les Cours et Les Profs - Vocabulary 52 terms

by sruel

Bien Dit 1 ch 6 Setting the table 12 terms

by annhaddon

Allez Viens I Chapter 7.1 41 terms

by WRFrenchMadame11

les couleurs francais 14 terms

by ljafrench

Les couleurs et les formes 26 terms

by MonsieurDunn288

French Alphabet 26 terms

by MmeWoolard

French numbers 1-10 11 terms

by Madame_Murray

French numbers 10-20 11 terms

In March 2014
by MadameZimmerman

Survival French - Teacher phrases 16 terms

In February 2014
by Madame_Browne

Sports Equipment 13 terms

by Madame_Browne

Les Equipes des Jeux Olympiques 11 terms

by Madame_Browne

Les Jeux Olympiques d'Hiver 20 terms

In October 2013
by Madame_Browne

La Cave de M. Bedaud 35 terms

by MmeThomas

Hair Eyes Size French w/ images-English 20 terms

by MmeThomas

Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French) 18 terms

In September 2013
by Madame_Browne

Les Animaux 30 terms

by Madame_Browne

La Vie Scolaire (2) 20 terms

In May 2013
by kagriffith

Barron's 4 21 terms

by Mikemontesa

French Common -er Verbs 50 terms

In April 2013
by Madame_Browne

-ER verb practice 25 terms

by cousinsm

Partitif en image 40 terms

In January 2013
by fr2-fkchs

Nombres et Couleurs B-Images 32 terms

by hubault

French Vocabulary: Food 47 terms

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