Laces French 3

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French vocab review for Laces students.

In November 2011
by mmejohnson

le crime et l'accident 40 terms

by Monsieur_d

AP le crime 25 terms

by traceywaid

Fr3 T3 La Presse et La Crime 110 terms

In July 2011
by kathleenpepin

Blanc: Lesson 13: Passetemps~Cinéma /pictures 25 terms

by kathleenpepin

Blanc: Lesson 13: Passetemps~Cinéma 40 terms

by kathleenpepin

Blanc: Leçon 14~Object Pronouns: me, te, nous, vous 7 terms

by kathleenpepin

Time Expressions Lesson 6 9 terms

by kathleenpepin

French Shoe: Lesson 11 31 terms

by kathleenpepin

Fr2: Connaître vs Savoir 10 terms

In May 2011
by MadameFodor

Updated Chapitre 3- Technology 73 terms

In March 2011
by stephenm

Y10 Hotel complaints- Present tense 21 terms

by Mme-LaProf

1A Useful Classroom Phrases 29 terms

by mmerausch

French 3 - Les relations et les sentiments 57 terms

by abosch

U6 French Verbs - Imperfect Tense Conjugations (Imparfait) 45 terms

by abosch

U5 French Grammar - Indirect Object Pronoun EN 24 terms

by ksierra

Discovering French Bleu: Lecon 9 (Quelques possessions) 34 terms

by frackiewicz

etre, faire and avoir expressions 18 terms

by e-sheers

French Verbs-Avoir, Être, Aller et Faire 32 terms

by msmendivil

more idiomatic expresions 26 terms

by msmendivil

technology 2 45 terms

by msmendivil

Technology vocab 55 terms

by msmendivil

Vive le taureau 2-4 33 terms

by msmendivil

Vivce le taureau 1 67 terms

by msmendivil

ViVE le Taureau 2 30 terms

by msmendivil

La meteo 47 terms

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