Math 140

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Dr. Karoline Null

In April 2011
by Nyisha94

3.6 Solving Systems Using Matrices 3 terms


3.6: Multiplying Matrices 9 terms

by chriscook

Alg 3-4, 4.8: Augmented Matrices and Systems 2 terms

by gauntlettp

Matrices 20 terms

by nezzytoe91

2.2, 2.3: The Inverse of a Matrix and Characterizations of Invertible Matrices 6 terms

by path031

Chapter four: Matrices 12 terms

by Martinlanz

Matrices 13 terms

by hogan225

Preview of chapter 4 10 terms

by kingisaac

Algebra Formulas Test 1 8 terms

by shorey

Algebra II Review 71 terms

by EHammett

Chapter Two Vocabulary 10 terms

by linda840325

Pre-Algebra Vocabulary Words 23 terms

by hgregg

Exponents Practice 57 terms

by EHammett

Chapter Eight Linear Functions and Graphing 20 terms

by teverett

Vocab of Algebra 10 terms

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