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SCIC- Guangxi University, Nanning, China

In May 2013
by askgene

Lupe 1226210604 2 terms

In May 2011
by aasom

Chinese Dynasties 9 terms

by wminter

Places 7 terms

by brennajmcentire

Chinese New Year 40 terms

by eduardo_tostado

The Spread of the Chinese Civilizations: Japan, Korea and Vietnam 24 terms

by celinali

CL1 summer palace quiz 32 terms

by mstian

age (characters only) 10 terms

by JZhao

Chinese festivals 14 terms

by wminter

Transport 19 terms

by l2hai

house and furniture 20 terms

by wminter

hobbies 11 terms

by msxu

food 5 terms

by Saide

chinese 1 265 terms

by celinali

CL1 Chinese poems´╝łpart one) 12 terms

by LanguageLearner01

BBC Chinese Character Game 31 terms

by lllllllll0

Integrated Chinese, level 1 part 1 (Pinyin to English) 589 terms

by sck

Chinese timewords 12 terms

by uces

In a Chinese Garden (A to Z Level F) 8 terms

by rramphal

Ni Hao 1&2 Vocabulary [Traditional | Pinyin - English] 1013 terms

by tianshu

Lesson 14: Asking Directions 25 terms

by t-bone86

countries in chinese 8 terms

by wminter

Occupations 10 terms

by GBRdc

Holidays in Chinese characters 22 terms

by wminter

school subjects 13 terms

by jilliantsai

jobs 27 terms

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