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French 7&8 VERBS
12 sets382 members
Ultimate French Verb Quiz
1 set1 memberWestlake · Waldorf, MD
French verb
13 sets39 membersLove Learning Languages · Béziers, France
French Power Verbs: Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir
8 sets1 member
French Verb of the week
23 sets1 memberHeritage Christian Online School · Kelowna, Canada
0 sets1 memberhi · hi
Verbs in french
1 set1 memberMontville High School · Oakdale, CT
-ir verbs french 3 Mrs. Piezzo
15 sets1 memberHuntingtower School · Mt Waverley, Australia
French Verbs
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French Verb Conjugations
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11 French verbs
1 set1 memberMontville High School · Oakdale, CT
-er verbs french 3 Mrs. Piezzo
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French Verb Conjugation
6 sets2 membersGPCC
GPCC French Beginners: Verbs
5 sets1 memberMason Preparatory School · Charleston, SC
7th French- Verbs
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French Verbs
1 set1 memberMidlothian Middle School · Midlothian, VA
French Verbs
1 set1 memberFSI · Arlington, VA
French verbs 2014
7 sets1 memberUniversity of Mary Washington · Fredericksburg, VA
French 101: Verbs
1 set1 memberWoodbrigde Senior high school · lake rigde
french 1: Ir verbs
1 set3 membersLongfellow Middle School · Falls Church, VA
french one er verbs
48 sets59 membersGood Hope Middle School · Mechanicsburg, PA
French Verbs
5 sets1 memberBurnt Hills - Ballston Lake Senior High School · Burnt Hills, NY
French Verbs
3 sets2 membersFort Street High School · Petersham, Australia
French Verbs
1 set1 memberТГПУ им. Л.Н. Толстого · Tula, Russia
French verbs