Classes matching "computers and infosystems"

Study sets
9 sets34 membersHaileys Homeschool · littleton, CO
Computer and Internet Basics: An Overview
2 sets1 memberJacobs University Bremen · Bremen, Germany
Computability and Complexity
12 sets4 membersNOVA · Manassas, VA
(Spring 2016) ITE 115 (001M) - Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts
6 sets24 membersBrillion Middle School · Brillion, WI, WI
Computers 7 - Coding and Computational Thinking
1 set1 · Melbourne, Australia
CP-I-C1336-Computer Problems and Tech Support
1 set4 membersRivercrest Elementary · Wilson, AR
Music and Computing
1 set1 memberSchool of Computing Science and Engineering · Chennai, India
Networks and Communication II year Computer Science
3 sets3 membersEagleridge Enrichment Center · Mesa, AZ
Wyatt Nelson's Computer Skills and Digital Curriculum
6 sets56 membersBrillion Middle School · Brillion, WI, WI
Computers 6 - Computer Hardware, Applications, and Digital Literacy
3 sets1 memberWellington High School Wellington, FL · Wellington, FL
AnySubject Class of Communications, Dance, Computer Technology, and Science (CDCTS)
2 sets1 memberCFU · Simferopol
English for Computer Systems, Nets, Technologies and Software
1 set1 memberUW–Stout · Menomonie, WI
GDD101: Introduction to Video and Computer Game Design
12 sets2 membersGeorgia Military College
CIS110 - Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications
6 sets45 membersCoursera · Mountain View, CA
The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
21 sets6 membersVantage College (Excel Learning Center) · El Paso, TX
A+ Hardware and Computer Repair
12 sets3 membersHangzhou Dianzi University - HDU · Hangzhou, China
Data and computer communication
3 sets1 memberFBCA · Pana, IL
Keyboarding and Computer Applications
0 sets1 memberSatya Wacana Christian University · Salatiga, Indonesia
information and computer technology
1 set3 membersUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) · Oshawa, Canada
Computer Graphics and Visualization (UOIT)
7 sets8 membersFernandina Beach Middle School · Fernandina Beach, FL
Mrs. Starline's Computer and Tech class
7 sets1 memberSeton Hill University · Greensburg, PA
SCS 275 Computer Security Networks and Mobile
2 sets2 members
M150 Data, computing and information.
28 sets8 membersChattahoochee Tech · Marietta, GA
Information Security Fundamentals and Computer Networking Fundamentals
4 sets24 membersSojo University · Kumamoto, Japan
Computing and Information Science EC3 - Oliver Edwards
0 sets1 memberSpencer High · Columbus, GA
Computer Science Principles