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adequatelygood enough; sufficientmeanwhileuntil something expected happens, or while something else is happeningoutinga brief usually outdoor pleasure tripwhereasWhile on the contrary, considering thatlegislationthe act of making or enacting lawsamendto change in a formal way; to change for the betterminorof comparatively less importancekinRelated by blooddefineGive the precise meaning of a word, phrase, concept or physical quantity.tendtake care oftremendousextraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degreeintimacythe ability to form close, loving relationshipsundermineTo gradually weaken or damage erode the base or foundation of (a rock formation).cohabitationLiving together without being marrieddevisecome up with after a mental effortcontroversiesarguments, disputeslikelihoodprobabilityscaleSpecify a percentage of original size to enlarge or reduce the size of an objecttimingThe controlled pacing of a speechenvisageto imagine; to conceive ofconsequencethe result of an actionbring aboutcause, produce, make happencourtesypolitenessconverselyIn an opposite manner; in an altogether different waybasispedestal, foot, basecuffдавление олшейтинjabchatterwhen animals repeat their sounds quicklystethoscopea medical instrument for listening to the sounds generated inside the bodysyringeinstrument used for the withdrawal and injection of fluidsinhalerhelps prevent asthmainjectiona shot; the "throwing" of medicine into the body by a needleauthorizeto delegate power to give official permission for something to happenchokeIf you are choke, you feel as though you can't breathescaldburn from contact with hot liquid or steamfatality(n.) an event resulting in death; an accidental deathemergencya serious or dangerous situation that needs immediate actionreassuranceto tell the patient that the problem is not serious or dangeroushyphenateTo connect or separate with a hyphen.scroungerSomeone who mooches or cadges (tries to get something free)parisha small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastorindicateTo be a sign of, or showsedentary(adj.) characterized by or calling for continued sitting; remaining in one placesubsequentComing after or latereligiblequalified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen having the right to do or obtain somethingprescribeto order as a rule or course to be followed; to order for medical purposesassociateto link; to group togethercomplicationA series of difficulties forming the central action in a narrativeinterventionThe involvement in a situation to alter the outcomesubcutaneousbeneath the skinblazerworn for tennis, yachting and other sportsgingham dresspinaforesleeveless, apron-like garmentpumpv. to force a gas or liquid up, into or throughhingea joint on a lid or door that allows it to swing open or shutprotractorA tool used to measure angleshallthe area inside the entrance of a buildinglecterncramStudy hard in a short timeexpellTo removetruanta student who stays away from school without leave or explanationcaterto satisfy the needs of, try to make things easy and pleasant; to supply food and serviceliterallyactually; in fact; true in realityhowllong loud wailing cry of a dog, wolf, etc.inspectionthe examination of the quality of work-in-processfactualauthentic, genuine, truthfultuitiona sum of money charged for teaching or instruction by a school, college, or university.dismayconsternation and distress, typically that caused by something unexpectedlevyto impose a tax upontabсчет таблицаthresholdA doorway or entrancecrucialextremely necessary; essentialimplementedput (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect.fatallyHaving extremely unfortunate or dire consequencessnorebreathe noisily during one's sleephandfula small number or amount a person who is difficult to controlresideto settle into a place to live; to existsternchest, breast, breastbonedisagreeableunpleasant; offensive; quarrelsome and bad-temperedglowshine, radiate, beamPumpТуфли бальныеHumblehaving or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importanceBlushbecome red in the face (from embarrassment or shame); become red or rosy; N.Stabv. to cut or push into or through with a pointed weaponGaspwhen you suddenly breathe in deeply, usually because you're scared or you' re cryingPuddlesomething resembling a pool of liquidWellMan-made hole drilled below the water table in order to obtain groundwater from an aquiferDrainto remove liquid from a food productSiltA mixture of rich soil and tiny rocksReefa ridge of rocks or sand, often of coral debris, at or near the surface of the water.Lagoona stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef.DunkTo dippurificationthe process by which pollutants are removed from wastewaterperspirationsweatIrrigationA way of supplying water to an area of landBeverageA liquid used as a drinkimmersionstate of being deeply engrossed or absorbed; covered with waterPrecipitationAny form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface.SimmerTo cook liquid until just below boilingStockA share of ownership in a company.SipГлотокsaucerБлюдцеLugeA small, competitive ice-sledsimmerTo cook gently in a liquid just at or below the boiling pointstockA certificate of ownership in a corporationmeanderTo wander around aimlesslyloopThe action of doing something over and over again петляseepLeakgushliquid pouring out in large quantities from a hole; make an excessive display of feeling;trickleto flow or fall by drops or in a small streamenterpriseA business organization in such areas as shipping, mining, railroads, or factories.admireto regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval look up todesirea strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happenguidanceleadership or directioncomply(v.) to yield to a request or commandincentivea positive or negative environmental stimulus that motivates behaviorcondensationThe change of state from a gas to a liquidevaporationThe change of a substance from a liquid to a gascompliancethe action or fact of complying with a wish or command.sonarA technique for determining the distance to an object under waterdonto put on or dress in director of nurses to give, giftscrapeto remove a very thin layer of outer skin by rubbing it with a knife or vegetable peelersubmersibleAn underwater vehicle built of strong materials to resist pressure.sunken(a) having fallen to the bottom of the sea, a lake, or a riverpeerto look intently, searchingly, or with difficultydisintergration1 the process of losing cohesion or strength 2 powerful opponent disintegrates and their group falls apartscourto clean or polish by hard rubbingconfront(v.) to meet face-to-face, especially as a challenge; come to grips withminefielda situation that contains hidden dangers or difficultiesdiversedifferent; variedhostileUnfriendly, antagonistictemptto make someone want to do somethingexhilaratingbringing great joy and excitementwreakTo bring about or inflict inflict punishment on a person, ventmisprintAn error in printingabsorbto soak up or take involatileQuickly changeable, easily vaporizedglacierA large mass of moving ice and snow on landsurgeto rush or move forward suddenlyjeopardydangermerchantA person who makes money by selling goodsgrosslargeprevailprove more powerful than opposing forces; be victoriousprecedTo come before in timescepticalhaving doubts about something that other people think is true or rightfreaka person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformedamidsurrounded by; in the middle ofconvincepersuade or show conclusively by argument or proofbloatto swell or puff upbuggypramcornerstoneThe starting point of a buildingalikehaving resemblance or similarityvitalabsolutely necessary or important; essential.evolveto develop graduallypremisea proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusiondiversity(n.) difference, variety; a condition of having many different types of formsimplementa tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, especially as used for a particular purpose.renownfame, gloryconfineshut in an enclosed space; restrict; keep within limits; N. confinementfaulta crack or break in Earth's crustviablecapable of living, thriving, or succeedingrafta large number of somethingreliantbeing dependent on someonedampMake slightly wet Discouragenudgeto push slightly to attract attentionshrugпожимание плечамиshrug offpay little regard To treat sth as if it is not importantwinkto close and open one eye quickly to tell a secret or jokehugTo hold someone closely with their armsglare1 shine intensely and blindingly 2 stare fixedly and angrilystrokeDamage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply гладить, ласкатьstroke downуспокоить, утихомиритьtickletouch (the body) lightly so as to cause laughter; pleaseslapan offensive strike delivered with an open hand, usually made to the facedoleпособие по безработицеbondсвязь облигацияinsighta sudden realization of a problem's solution; contrasts with strategy-based solutionsancestorA relative who lived in the pastergonomicscomplementдополнение, укомплектовыватьintrusiveвторгающийся \ незваный \ назойливыйprospectthe possibility or likelihood of some future event occurringavailabilitysystem and information are availableemulateсоревноваться, стремиться превзойтиpre-emptivefleeбежать, спасаться бегствомregime(n.) a government in power; a form or system of rule or management; a period of rulevergeedge or borderheralda person or thing that announces important news or events to comequestпоиски, разыскиватьmerelyтолько, просто, единственноhornbillsentientчувствующий, ощущающийsynthesisсинтезcognitiveпознавательныйcrowворона кукареку радостный крик младенцаreelпошатнуться от удараabstractабстракция, теоретическиbreedразмножаться, воспитыватьderiveпроисхождения, унаследовать, извлекатьpalaeontologyThe study of fossilsembedto set or fix firmly in (something)implantfix or set securely or deeply внушать, внедрятьrecollectionmemorycartographerperson who makes mapsballisticforcefully movinggrasphold firmlyendorseapprove; supportdecayloss of memory due to the passage of time, during which the memory trace is not usedclonчеловек, действующий бездумно, механическиporpoisemammalspinyколючийcontinuityнепрерывность, сценарийprofoundглубокий, основательный, океанdistinctdifferent or uniquesophisticationутонченность, изысканностьapeimitate or mimic (a person's behavior or manner) обезьянаrecuperateвосстановить силы, поправитьсяsnoutThe nose or jaws that stick out in front of certain animals' headsprecisionточность, тщательность, меткостьshoalany very shallow spot in a body of water A large number of fish swimming togethercetaceana member of the order of marine mammals that includes whales, dolphins, and porpoisescortexSpecialized region in a plant root or stem for storage and support.convolutetwist or coil; wind Extremely complex and difficult to followrepugnantOffensive, disagreeable, distastefulcerebralintellectualrudimentaryUndeveloped; very basic or simpleattainto accomplish, gaindipcontemporarycurrent, modern; from the same time Someone living at the same timeredefineexplain in a new and better wayardentvery enthusiastic, impassionedinnateinborn; naturalconquerTo overcome by force, defeattowCoarse broken flax or hemp fiber prepared for spinningprimateпримасcredibilitythe quality of being trusted and believed inundauntFearlessaptitudeCapacity for learning; natural abilityprominentimportant; famousamplemore than enough, large, spacioussurpassto exceed or go beyondtreadwalk in a specific way put down or press the foot, place the footporpoisesentient

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