Holt World History - Chapter 8 Ancient Greece

the Greek word for a city-state
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(800s-700s BC) Greek poet, he wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey, two famous Greek epic poems. They describe the deeds of heroes during and after the Trojan War.Homer(c. 610-580 BC) Greek poet, she was one of the most famous lyric poets of Greece.Sappho: (SAF-oh)(before 400 BC) Ancient Greek storyteller, he was famous for his fables—short stories that teach important lessons about life.Aesop (EE-sahp)a short story that teaches a lesson about life or gives advice on how to livefablePersian emperor, he created the Persian Empire by conquering most of Southwest Asia.(c. 585-529 BC)Cyrus the Greata unit of soldiers who ride horsescavarlyPersian emperor, he restored order to the Persian Empire after a period of rebellion. Darius I built roads and made other improvements to Persian society.*550-486 BC)Darius I (Persian)a series of wars between Persia and Greece in the 400s BCPersian WarsPersian ruler, he tried to conquer Greece during the Persian Wars but was defeated.(519-465 BC)Xerxes Ia war between Athens and Sparta in the 400s BCPeloponnesian WarMacedonian king, he was a brilliant military leader who defeated the Greeks. Alexander the Great was his son.(ruled 359-336 BC)Philip IIa group of Greek warriors who stood close together in a square formationphalanxMacedonian ruler, he was one of the greatest military commanders in history. The son of Philip II, Alexander conquered large areas of Asia and parts of Europe and Africa and spread Greek culture throughout his empire. (c. 356-323 BC)Alexander the GreatGreek-like; heavily influenced by Greek ideasHellenisticGreek philosopher, his teaching style was based on asking questions. He wanted people to question their own beliefs. Socrates was arrested and condemned to death for challenging authority.(470-399 BC)SocratesGreek philosopher, he was a student of Socrates. Plato started a school in Athens called the Academy and wrote The Republic, which describes an ideal society run by philosophers.(428-389 BC)PlatoGreek philosopher, he was a student of Plato. Aristotle taught that people should live lives of moderation and use reason in their lives.(384-322 BC)Aristotleclear and ordered thinkingreasonGreek mathematician, he was one of the greatest mathematicians in history. Euclid is famous for his contributions to the field of geometry.(c. 300 BC)EuclidGreek doctor, he is regarded as the father of medicine. Hippocrates tried to find out what caused diseases and is known today for his ideas on how doctors should conduct themselves.(c. 460-c. 377 BC)Hippocratesan agreement to work togetheralliance