Forces and motion

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ThrustA push force exerted by the engine of an aircraft or rocketMagnetismThe force of attraction or repulsion of magnetic materialsElectrostatic forceThe force between electrically charged objectsTensionA force that pulls on or stretches an objectCompressionA force that pushes on or squeezes an objectNewton meterA spring balance used to measure force.Newton (N)The unit of measurement of forceMetres per second (m/s)The unit of measurement of velocityMetres per second per second (m/s/s)The unit of measurement of accelerationMetres (m)The unit of measurement of distanceSeconds (s)The unit of measurement of timeKilograms (kg)The unit of measurement of massBalanced forcesWhen this happens: a moving object maintains a constant speed; and a stationary object remains stationaryUnbalanced forcesWhen this happens: an object will accelerate in a new direction