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Quizlet 101

  • In this video, teacher Rory Yakubov shows teachers how to set up Quizlet for their classrooms. Quizlet is ideal for classroom use, whether your classes are meeting in person, remotely, or in a hybrid model.

  • Are you remote teaching and looking for a way to engage your students online? Try a game of Quizlet Live and watch your virtual classroom come to life! In this video, Esther Brunat walks you through the way she plays Quizlet Live with her students.

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  • Use Quizlet to go deeper, moving beyond rote memorization and creating study materials that invite students to apply what they’ve learned. Activate higher levels of thinking and analysis with Quizlet.

  • The ability to use diagrams in Quizlet is a real game-changer that will supercharge your educational experience whether you’re a student or a teacher. Maureen Lamb shows how to use diagrams on Quizlet and best practices for all users.

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How teachers can make videos for their remote classroom

High school math teacher and video-making expert Esther Brunat shows you how to make engaging videosfor your students.

A Spanish teacher shares how she travels virtually with her classroom

Take your students on a journey overseas without leaving your homes. In this post, Claudia Camp walks you through the virtual trip

How to create worksheets on PowerPoint

Have you ever wanted to create your own worksheets? Rory Yakubov shows you how she builds them quickly and easily in PowerPoint.

Remote teaching diaries: Real conversations with inspiring teachers

We talk to a panel of teachers from all over the country about the challenges of remote learning, and their best tips for success.