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  1. soluble
  2. mercurial
  3. camaraderie
  4. duress
  5. obfuscate
  1. a to render incomprehensible
  2. b characterized by rapid change or temperamentality
  3. c hardship, threat
  4. d brotherhood, jovial unity
  5. e able to dissolve

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  1. (adj.) rash; hastily done
  2. (adj) opposed in nature, not able to live or work together
  3. to stick to something; to follow devoutly
  4. Disperse; dissipate; scatter; dispel.
  5. greatly distressing, vexing

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  1. vitriolicScathing; caustic.


  2. superfluousexceeding what is necessary


  3. efficaciousto disregard or disobey openly


  4. advocateto argue in favor of something; a person who argues in favor of something


  5. ameliorate(v.) to sketch out in a vague way