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Which region consists of mostly adipose cells?
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Both osteoclasts and osteoblasts can be found in the endosteum (T/F)TrueSpongy bone does not containOsteons YES: - Lamellar - Osteoblasts - Trabeculae - Collagen - LacunaeWhich of the following is not an organic component of bone?Hydroxyapatites YES: - Collagen fibers - Osteoid - OsteoclastsWhich pattern of ossification occurs during fetal development and is responsible for forming the majority of the skeleton?Endochondrial ossificationCalcium is required for...- Muscle contraction - Blood clotting - Exocytosis - Stimulation of the heartExcess secretion of parathyroid hormone would ...Increase blood calcium levelsIn infants, trabecular spaces and medullary cavities are filled with yellow marrow (T/F)False (red marrow)Which zone is closest to the epiphysis?Zone of resting cartilageIn which zone do chondrocytes undergo rapid mitotic division and become aligned into longitudinal columns?Zone of proliferating cartilageWhat type of ossification pattern produces the roof of the skull?IntramembranousThis type of growth is responsible for bone growth in widthAppositionalIn the formation of an osteon the periosteum of the groove becomes the endosteum of the tunnnel (T/F)TrueWhy is Fosamax used to treat osteoporosis?It decreases osteoclast activity by destroying themWhen blood calcium levels decreases the ____ secretes ___Parathyroid; PTHCalcium binds to which of the following to initiate skeletal muscle contraction?TroponinWhich of the following contains ATPases?MyosinThe influx of which ion is responsible for the exocytosis of neurotransmitter?Ca2+ (depolarization)Sodium channelsLigand gated, voltage gatedVoltage gated calcium channels are located along the sarcolemma. When open calcium enters the sarcoplasm and an action potential is generated (T/F)FalseInside the muscle fiber calcium is stored in the ....Sarcoplasmic reticulumHow does calcium leave the sarcoplasmic reticulum?Via voltage gated calcium channels