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I grew up with a very particular eye for detail, and curiosity with "design". I always had a natural talent for drawing and painting and was constantly drawing or copying fancy lettering and labels from anything I came across, I was fascinated by handlettering and typography and logos before I even knew what they were. When I decided to apply as an art major I had a vague idea of what graphic design was and what it entailed so I didnt really go into knowing much but as soon as I started taking classes I knew I was in the right place, everything I was learning about design principles, color theory, and typography just made sense and grew my curiosity even more and I realized how much more I had to learn and it was exciting. As I continued my studies and completed more projects I really began to learn how much more graphic design was and how much it influences the world around us. As soon as I started doing larger scale projects that touched on other fields like packaging, branding, or photography and advertising that involved a lot of collaboration I knew I wanted to work in a field in design where I could do just that. Packaging in particular drew me in because of how tangible and relatable that form of design is, we experience it almost every day and you can feel that connection when the form and function is just perfectly intentional, you learn these principles in design classes but getting to actually physically feel and see the function of a design and the connection to it's aesthetic form is really exciting.