Adichie_The Danger of A Single Story_Analysis

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LANG: What does the whole text discuss?
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STRUC: Where does the writer use a caesura? Why does she do this?"African writers did for me was this: It savedme from having a single story of what books are." She did this to draw the reader's attention to the next lineSTRUC: Where does the writer use a single-sentence paragraph? What does this say about this American girl? What effect does this have?"She assumed that I did not know how to use a stove" This shows that the American girl was very ignorant This shows the shocking truth of some people's knowledgeSTRUC: What does the writer repeat to show her desperation?"No possibility"STRUC: Where does the reader describe the stereotypical view of Africa? What technique was used here?"Beautiful animals (...) fighting senseless wars, dying of poverty" ContrastSTRUC: When talking about only hearing one story, what does the writer repeat? Why does she repeat this particular phrase?"One thing" To show the danger of only seeing one thingSTRUC: what does the writer repeat to show how passionately she feels about this danger?"stories matter, many stories matter"STRUC: Where does the writer use contrast to show the negative effects of influence?"Stories can break (...) stories can repair"CONT: Where was the author born?Nigeria