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- Nutrient Pollution (fertilizers, farms, sewage, lawns, golf courses)
Comes from runoff of fertilizers, detergents, and animal manure. Point sources included sewage, power plants, and agriculture. Non-point source animal manure, detergent, storm runoff. It creates dead zones from eutrophication. Algae bloom is a result of eutrophication which emits toxins harmful to human systems. Treating wastewater and using fewer fertilizers and filtering out phosphorus is a solution.
- Pathogens and waterborne diseases (pathogenic viruses, protists, bacteria i.e. giardiasis, typhoid, hepatitis A)
Comes from Animal feedlots and improper disposal of human waste and animal feedlots. know point and nonpoint. Comes mainly from fecal waste and improper hygiene which goes into water systems and is spread through rainwater. Climate change encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. Can cause serious issues in humans. Hygiene and enforcement of the government is a possible solution.
- Toxic chemicals (pesticides, petroleum products, synthetic chemicals, arsenic, lead, mercury, acid rain)
discharged from power plants and contaminates water. From illegal dumping, nonbiodegradable, septic system leaks. Causes cancer and nervous system health. Solution: reverse osmosis and sweep fertilizer from grass.
- Sediment (mining, clear-cutting, land clearing careless cultivation)... buildings → sediment buildup → hurt habitat.
Water polluted from sediment, runoff, natural erosion, stormwater, hurts fish, prohibits the growth of algae, changes fish migration, increases cancer.
- Thermal Pollution... heat cannot hold dissolved oxygen
Degradation of water quality changes water temperature from smokestacks, drainage pipes, herbicides, hurts fertility of organisms, and reduces the animal population, less food for animals.