Which one of the following correctly indicates the relationship
between the entropy of a system and the number of different
arrangements, W, in the system?
a) S= kW
b) S=kInW
c) S= k/W
d) S= Wk
e) S = W/k
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All of the following statements concerning entropy are true EXCEPT
a) entropy is zero for elements under standard conditions
b) entropy is a state function
c) a positive change in entropy denotes a change toward greater disorder
d) entropy values are greater than or equal to zero
e) the entropy of a substance in the gas phase is greater than the solid phase
Naturally occurring spontaneous irreversible processes, such as biological processes, always result in a) a decrease increase in entropy b) an increase in entropy c) an increase in enthalpy d) a decrease in enthalpyan increase in entropyInformation is a form of energy which is called a) internal energy b) positive entropy c) negentropy d) positive enthalpynegentropyWhen a gas is in a thermal equilibrium state A, it has a definite entropy SA, which is a function of n, V, U. Due to the removal of a separator between the gas and the rest of the container, the system will irreversibly reach a new equilibrium state B, which has entropy SB. The second law of thermodynamics says: a) SB = SA b) SB < SA c) SB > SASB=SALet us consider a crystal containing eight atoms at three different temperatures. If enough energy is added to the crystal to start just one of the atoms vibrating, the thermodynamic probability W will be a)1 b) 8 c) 0 d) 368Entropy is a function of a) mathematical probability b) thermodynamic probability c) number of macrostatesthermodynamic probability