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Creating a diagram set

Adding a diagram to your study set allows you to see what you're learning in a whole new way!

To get started, select Create.

Getting started

First, enter a title for your set. Your set will be public by default. To restrict visibility to a specific group of people, select Change below Visible to everyone. Then, select Visible to certain classes or Visible to people with a password and save your changes. 

Next, add your diagram image. You can add an image by dragging and dropping it into the diagram box at the top of the page or by selecting choose an image.

If the image you added already has text on it, you can blur that out by selecting edit and then the blur option. Click and drag to blur sections of the diagram. To remove the image entirely and start over, select the trash can

When you've finished editing your image, select save changes.

Adding points

You're now ready to add points to your diagram. Select the point icon on the left, then click on the location on your diagram. You can zoom in on your diagram in order to add points to very specific locations.

Type in a term and choose a language, then do the same for the first definition. Select Add to save the point. To remove a point, open the More menu and select  Remove from diagram.

If you're upgraded to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher, you'll be able to add rectangles or custom shapes to your diagram. To switch between points, rectangles and custom shapes, use the icons to the left of your diagram.

You can also add terms and definitions in the text boxes below your diagram. Once you've added terms and definitions there, you can link them to points on your diagram. To do so, add a point and start typing the term — then the term and definition will auto-fill below. 

Choose the term you'd like to add to that point, then select Add

When you've added all of your terms and definitions (you need at least two to save), select Create to publish it. You're now ready to study your diagram or share it with your students or classmates! 


Which image formats can I upload?
We accept JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF formats. Our max image file size is 3MB. 

Where can I find images to use for my diagram?
You should be able to find high-quality images for your diagram using Google image search. Alternatively, you can make your own on another website (draw.io, Gliffy and Pixlr provide good, free tools). Please review the Help Center article linked below to learn more about how to ensure you don't an image's copyright by uploading it to Quizlet.

Can I add a diagram to a set I already created?
Yes! On the set page, select Edit and you'll see the diagram box at the top of the page.

How many points can I add to my diagram?
Free users can add up to eight points to a diagram. Upgraded Quizlet Plus and Teacher users can add points for all of their terms and definitions.

Can I use auto-define or add images from the image gallery to my diagram set?
Yes! You can read more about how to do that here.

Can I upload my own images or record my own audio for my diagram set?
Yes, upgraded Plus and Teacher users will be able to upload their own images and record audio for their terms and definitions.

Can I create diagram sets on the Quizlet iOS and Android apps?
Not yet — but if you use the mobile apps, you'll be able to study your diagram sets using Learn, Write and Match.

How do I make sure I don't violate an image's copyright?
Please see this article for detailed information and FAQs.