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Accessing verified content on Quizlet

Verified Creators partner with Quizlet to provide high-quality, curated content from respected publishers, educators and other organizations for students and teachers of all education levels and subject areas. Some verified content on Quizlet is public and accessible to anyone; other verified content requires an access code to unlock. 

To unlock verified content on Quizlet using an access code, you'll just need to follow the steps below. 

First, go to the main Quizlet profile page of the Verified Creator whose content you need to study. This should be printed in your workbook or textbook, or have been e-mailed to you by your teacher or someone else at your school. 

Select any folder, then select a set with a lock icon next to the title. Please note that many of our partners have chosen to keep the first set in each of their folders public and make the rest visible only to people with an access code. 

You'll then see a prompt to sign in to or sign up for Quizlet  — as you need an account in order to unlock this type of content. 

If you already have an account, select Log in; if you don't have an account, select Sign up. Once you've signed up or signed in, you'll be prompted to enter your access code.

Enter your code, then select Enter Code or press the Enter key. Once you've entered your code on one set page, that will unlock the rest of that publisher's content so you can study the rest of their sets without having to re-enter your code several times.

Having trouble with your access code or have another question? Please let us know and we'll get back to you!