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  1. croup
  2. -plegia
  3. One of the terms used to describe the common cold is _______________.
  4. Palate
  5. External Respiration
  1. a Means Paralysis.
  2. b Is the act of bringing air into and out of the lungs and exchanging gases from this air.
  3. c Is the muscular posterior portion of the roof of the mouth.
  4. d Acute respiratory syndrome in children and infants characterized by obstruction of the larynx, hoarseness, and a barking cough.
  5. e nasopharyngitis

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  1. dyspnea
  2. Surgical removal of all or part of a lung.
  3. tracheotomy
  4. effusion
  5. Acuste infectious disease of the trroat and upper respiratory tract caused by the presence of diphtheria bacteria.

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  1. Airway InflammationIs the act of breathing out. As the diaphragm relaxes, it moves upward, causing the thoracic cavity to become narrower. This action forces air out of the lungs.


  2. dysphoniavoice impairment including hoarseness, weakness, or loss of voice.


  3. Epiglottis
    Is a lid-like structure located at the base of the tongue.


  4. Ot/oMeans ear.


  5. tracheotomywindpipe