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  1. tracheotomy
  2. pharyngoplasty
  3. thoracostomy
  4. -pnea
  5. Cheyne-Stokes respiration
  1. a Usually an emergency procedure in which an incision is made into the trachea to gain acdess to the airway below a blockage.
  2. b Surgical repair of the pharynx.
  3. c breathing
  4. d Pattern of alternating periods of rapid breathing, slow breathin, and the absence of breathing.
  5. e Surgical creation of an opening into the chest.

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  1. Means specialist.
  2. SIDS
  3. voice box
  4. Also known as a Nose Bleed, is bleeding from the nose that is usually caused by an injury, excessive use of blood thinners, or bleeding disorders.
  5. Paralysis of the larynx.

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  1. Internal RespirationIs the exchange of gases within the cells of the body organs, cells, and tissues.


  2. ox/ooxygen


  3. -itisMeans Inflammation.


  4. Parietal Pleura
    Also known as the Flu, is an acute, highly contagious viral respiratory infection that is spread by respriatory droplets and occurs most commonly in epidemics during the colder months.


  5. The emergency procedure to gain access below a blocked airway is called a ___________.tracheotomy