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  1. mediastinum
  2. a-
  3. oropharynx
  4. -pnea
  5. hypoxemia
  1. a breathing
  2. b The cavity located between the lungs.
  3. c second division of the pharynx
  4. d Means without
  5. e A condition of having below normal oxygen level in the blood.

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  1. Commonly known as the Windpipe, is the tube located directly in front of the esophagus that extends from the neck to the chest.
    Its role is to transport air to, and from, the lungs.
    -The trachea is held open by a series of C-shaped cartilage rings. The wall between these rings is flexible, and this feature makes it possible for the trachea to adjust to different body positions.
  2. Medication that expands the opening of the passages into the lungs.
  3. Abnormally rapid rate of respiration, usually of more than 20 breaths per minute.
  4. Shallow or slow respiration.
  5. Means abnirmal conditions.

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  1. PharyngitisIs the muscular posterior portion of the roof of the mouth.


  2. Lungsbreathing


  3. asphyxiaThe condition that occurs when the body cannot get the air it needs to function.


  4. The medical term meaning an accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity is _______.empyema


  5. -pharynxsecond division of the pharynx