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  1. The diaphragm is relaxed during __________.
  2. The term meaning abnormally rapid deep breathing is ________________.
  3. laryngopharynx
  4. bronchiectasis
  5. The term meaning bleeding from the lungs is ______________.
  1. a pneumorrhagia
  2. b Chronic enlargement of bronchi or bronchioles resulting from an earlier lung infection that was not cured.
  3. c third division of the pharynx
  4. d hyperventilation
  5. e exhalation

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  1. is an excessive discharge of mucus from the bronchi.
  2. byssinosis
  3. Difficult or labored breathing.
  4. enlargement
  5. bronchioles

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  1. The term meaning an absence of spontaneous respiration is _____.pneumorrhagia


  2. Larynx
    Which is the first divisions, is posterior to the nasal cavity and continues downward to behind the mouth. This portion of the pharynx is used only by the respiratory system for the trasport of air and opens into the oropharynx.


  3. Croup


  4. Tracheorrhagia
    Commonly known as the Windpipe, is the tube located directly in front of the esophagus that extends from the neck to the chest.
    Its role is to transport air to, and from, the lungs.
    -The trachea is held open by a series of C-shaped cartilage rings. The wall between these rings is flexible, and this feature makes it possible for the trachea to adjust to different body positions.


  5. asphyxiationIs the act of breathing out. As the diaphragm relaxes, it moves upward, causing the thoracic cavity to become narrower. This action forces air out of the lungs.


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