Essential British Slang

These handy samples of local lingo will have you ‘spraffing’ away in Edinburgh without leaving locals in Leeds ‘fair flummoxed’. Take a look at our essential regional slang phrases below to help brush up on your local knowledge, ‘oreyt’?

Quizlet has partnered with academics, cultural institutions, and poets to put together study sets of essential regional slang specific to university cities and towns, from Exeter to Glasgow. 

‘Alright me babbers’? Feeling a little lost in the big wide world of your new university home?

You’re definitely not alone. We found that 29% had only visited their new city once before moving there, while 13% had never visited! These slang and dialect phrases can be used to spark conversation in a shop, pub, or fresher’s event - as well to help preserve the dialect of a region.

‘Give ‘n a gurt dollop’, as they say in Exeter, of these phrases in your everyday conversation, and you’ll feel at home in no time.