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Introducing Quizlet's new GCSE Resource Centre! These FREE resources are based on exam board specifications and created by vetted experts. Discover ready-made flashcards, quizzes and games by subject below.


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GCSE result sheet with Biology 9, Chemistry 8, English Lit 9, Geography 9, History 8, Maths 8 and Spanish 8.

How to Improve GCSE Grades - 10 Revision Tips

Read our blog on how to achieve top grades at GCSE including revision strategies and resources.


New study sets by uTalk — covering 18 GCSE languages

We've teamed up with uTalk to bring you expert-created resources that help you revise for 18 different GCSE languages. Discover curriculum-boosting study sets and learning activities below.

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Discover high-quality GCSE revision resources based on exam board specifications. Want to make it your own? Easily customise resources for individual needs.

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With Test Mode, you'll find ready-made, self-marking quizzes to help identify knowledge gaps. Quizzes can also be customised to suit individual needs.

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Quizlet's 8 study modes allow every student to find a revision method that works for them, making learning more personalised.

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Thank you to our Verified Educators, who worked tirelessly to create these resources over the summer. Learn more about our team of educators below.

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