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How to Revise for GCSE PE

Learn our top tips for GCSE PE revision.

When you signed up for GCSE PE, you probably thought you would be spending your time running around outside in the sunshine or playing games every class. The teachers warned you that you would be in the classroom, working hard, and studying a large section about the body, how it works and general biology, but you didn’t think it would be that bad. But now, you are struggling to remember the difference between abduction and adduction and getting confused by the acronym FITT. Sound familiar? Use these tips to help you with your GCSE PE revision.

Make a revision plan

It may sound obvious, but plan when and where you are going to study. Start by filling in the date of your PE exam and then work backwards. Get a copy of your specification below:

This will be a detailed list of everything you need to learn. Roughly work out how long you will need to spend on revision, breaking down the specification into smaller sections.

Make sure to have adequate time to allow yourself to prepare. Spend at least one hour each night revising your notes, using GCSE PE revision guides, practising past paper questions, timing your answers and even teaching someone else. One hour a night will help you feel prepared in enough time for the exam.

However, remember to schedule in revision for other subjects too. And don’t forget to pencil out times when you are playing your favourite sport. That’s probably the reason why you signed up for GCSE PE in the first place.

Key terms - learn them!

There are numerous key terms and terminology that you need to learn. Using these keywords in your exam shows that you know what you are talking about and impress the examiner. You can use these GCSE PE revision flashcards. These will allow you to test your knowledge using flashcards, learn definitions, check spellings and even play games. Even when you are revising, you can still have fun!

Clear out your revision space of any distractions

Again, an obvious one, but something that we forget. There are too many disturbances in our everyday life… Instagram, Facebook, Fortnight, Snapchat to name a few. Social media is a huge problem when it comes to revision so leave your mobile, tablet, or any other electronic device out of sight, with your parents or in a different room. A break from a screen will help you concentrate more on your work. When you start to miss your gadget, use these GCSE PE revision guides to help you remain focused.

Practice, practice, practice

Past paper exams are the key to your success. You can use them to test and practice your knowledge, but also look at the mark schemes as well. This will help you see how much detail the examiner is looking for in in an answer. You can find past papers below:

When working through the past papers, you will become familiar with the range of command words used by the examination board. Use this PE command word study set to help test your knowledge.

Next, understand the different levels of response required. Answers can range from short, simple definitions to long extended answers. Practice answers to see if you know enough detail to gain full marks for each question.  

Also, time yourself to ensure that you can complete all tasks in the time set for the exam. The more you practice, the easier your GCSE PE revision will be.

Make sure to get some exercise between breaks when revising. Don’t forget the main reason why you choose GCSE PE. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air, playing around in the park with friends. Just don’t forget to get back to revising, making sure you reach your full potential and your target grade.