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¡Hola! We’ve teamed up with uTalk to bring you expert-created resources that help you learn how to pronounce and recognise useful words and phrases for GCSE Spanish. These materials are aligned with the AQA syllabus but will help with most exam specifications. Discover curriculum-boosting study sets and learning activities below with all Spanish words voiced by native speakers.

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Find out if your Spanish pronunciation is GCSE-ready with these extra features only available on the bestselling uTalk app. The app lets you record and compare your pronunciation with native speakers’ so you can perfect your accent. You can even slow down recordings of native speakers’ voices to hear their pronunciation syllable by syllable. Extra memory-boosting games target weak spots and test you more on the words you get wrong. And, best of all, teachers can monitor students’ scores and progress on a teacher dashboard. Ideal for teachers and students. Students work independently at school or at home. Click here for a special offer on uTalk Spanish.