Earn up to £500/month in vouchers representing Quizlet at your uni

Become a Quizlet Education Advisor and represent and promote Quizlet at your uni. Earn up to £500/month in vouchers to help with your studies, buy your lattes or even your next holiday. We are accepting applications from UK students in all degrees at all universities, and we will select the best applicants to represent their course.

91% of Advisors agree the Education Advisor programme gave them valuable experience to put on their CV.

What do Advisors do?

Our Advisor programme is designed to be a low-commitment role for university students looking to build their CVs and earn rewards - without losing focus on their studies.

Advisors promote collaborative learning by creating a Quizlet class, adding relevant sets to it and encouraging students at their universities to join and collaborate!

Add students and study sets, earn rewards

From 4th October until 31st December, the Quizlet Education Advisor programme will reward Advisors with up to £500/month in vouchers for adding students and study sets to their classes.

Advisors will benefit from the following perks:

new features

Rewards in vouchers

Earn up to £500/month in vouchers for adding students and sets to your class.
Free Quizlet Plus

Free Quizlet Plus

Get free access to premium features like Learning Assistant and better set creation tools.


Upon completion, receive a certificate to certify your participation in the programme.
recommendation letter

Letter of recommendation

Receive a recommendation written by the head of Quizlet's UK office - great for CV building!
quizlet merch

Quizlet merch

Once 15 students have joined your class, Advisors receive fun Quizlet merchandise - think t-shirts, water bottles and more.
additional opportunities

Additional opportunities

Collaborate with us on Instagram, become a Beta tester, and more.

What our Advisors are saying about the programme

"The Advisor programme boosted morale within my year group through sharing each other's resources."

- Tolu, MBBS, King's

"Being an Advisor has saved me time making notes while strengthening my interpersonal skills with my coursemates, which is great experience to put on my CV."

- Kieran, Biomedical Sciences, Southampton

“The Education Advisor programme definitely helped me grow closer to my coursemates, as we could all see that we were working towards a common goal.”

Innez, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Newcastle

"The Advisor programme enhanced my CV, personally made me feel better about myself and improved the quality of my flash cards as I knew I was contributing to a lot of people."

- Jinali, Medicine, Cardiff

Interested? Let us know.

We are accepting applications from all degrees and universities. If you are excited about this opportunity, please let us know by filling out the form below. We will then contact students who we believe are the best fit with more information.