New teacher guide: videos + handouts

Quizlet is free for teachers and students. (🎉) But what else do you need to know? Watch our four-part video series and download handouts for parents and students. If you end up really loving it, join our Quizlet Ambassador program and help spread the word. (And maybe even earn yourself some PD hours!)

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Finding a set and making a copy

Part 1 — Seek and ye shall find

The quickest way to get started is to find a set on a subject you teach, duplicate it, and make it your own by editing it to fit your class. Plus, it will show you how other teachers do it.

Creating a study set from scratch

Part 2 — Hop in and create a set

You can create sets manually, but we also have tools to help you upload a CSV or other list. Don't waste time hunting and pecking. We'll show you how easy it is to upload a massive list of terms.

How students study using Quizlet

Part 3 — All the options students have

This video shows you all seven of the learning modes in Quizlet — including the much loved Quizlet Live. This short video will show you why students like Quizlet's flexibility and numerous options. It's more than just fun and games!

Getting your students signed up

Part 4 — We made it very easy to sign up

Quizlet is free for both teachers and students. Students can use Quizlet without signing up, but it's also easy to create an account with Google or email sign up. There's even a simple and secure process for kids under 13.

Handouts for students & parents

Save time with these downloadable PDFs. One you can give to students to show them how to sign up and join your class. One is for parents of students under 13 to let them know Quizlet is safe, secure, and fully COPPA-compliant. 👍