Study Modes

Quizlet offers five study modes and two games that help you review whatever you’re looking to learn! Teachers can also get all of their students engaged with our classroom game, Quizlet Live.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is a collaborative, in-classroom game designed to help students practice both hard skills and soft skills. The first team to answer twelve questions correctly wins — and the rest of the class will beg to keep playing for their own chance at glory!


Learn mode takes the guesswork out of studying by creating a personalised study plan based on your familiarity with a study set so you can master everything you need to know.

When studying with Learn, Quizlet will prompt you with different types of questions -- flashcards, multiple choice and written. As you answer questions correctly, you’ll start to see harder question types (written, flashcards) more often than easier question types (multiple choice).


You can use Flashcards mode to review terms and definitions or questions and answers on the Quizlet website and mobile apps, just as you would regular paper flashcards.

It’s easy to customize your study session by viewing your terms in a random order using Shuffle or enabling text-to-speech audio.


Write keeps track of how well you know your terms and definitions and what you miss so you can focus on that content later in a study session.

Similar to written questions in Learn mode, Write grades your answers and shows you questions you answered incorrectly throughout a study session to make sure you master your material.


Spell reads a term or definition aloud using Quizlet’s text to speech (TTS) audio and prompts you to type what you hear.

This study mode works well for studying a new language or practicing spelling and pronunciation in your own language. As Quizlet offers TTS audio in 18 languages, you can use Spell to study a wide variety of languages and content.


Test mode provides an opportunity to see how you might perform on a test you take in class. You can quiz yourself with different question types, depending on what works best for you or how your teacher prefers to administer exams.


When playing Match, you’ll race against the clock to match your terms and definitions as quickly as possible.

Quizlet keeps track of high scores so you can compete with friends and classmates for the top score!


Each correct answer in Gravity gets you one step closer to the next level. You’ll type answers quickly to get them in before asteroids fall, and the force of gravity will increase. As you level up, asteroids will start falling faster and it’ll be more challenging to get your answers in.