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Studying with Long-Term Learning

Long-Term Learning is a Quizlet Plus feature based on the concept of spaced repetition. It helps you study more efficiently.

Quizlet tracks what you know and don't know, and you get reminders to study at regular intervals. Questions you don't know will be repeated more frequently so you can focus on learning them. If you know the material, you'll only see it every once in a while.

Getting started

Use a folder to track all the sets you want to study with Long-Term Learning.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.50.06 PM.png

Once you've added the sets to your folder, select Start Now to begin studying.

How to study

Quizlet will start off with 10 terms and definitions from the sets in your folder. As you study, mark what you know and don't know. You'll review the material you struggled with. You can also skip material and study it again tomorrow if you need to.

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Similarly to Learn Mode, you can also select "Type the answer." You'll be prompted to type the correct answer and Quizlet will grade it.

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When you're done studying, you can view your current progress on the folder page, or you can keep studying more new terms.

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The more you study the first day, the more you'll have to review over the next few days!

Tracking your progress

As you study, you'll see your progress increase. At key intervals, Quizlet will prompt you to study an item again to make sure you still know it. Answer correctly several times in a row, and the item will be counted among those you know well. If you answer incorrectly, it will be counted among those you don't know.

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You'll see a chart showing your Long-Term Learning activity during the last seven days, with a summary of the number of items you study each day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 3.04.39 PM.png

Reminders and notifications

Quizlet will send you email reminders to study the items that are due, and will gradually introduce new ones.

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You can always turn off notifications for a specific folder.

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Or you can disable all Long-Term Learning reminders on the Settings page.

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Also available on iOS!

You can also use Long-Term learning on your iPhone or iPad. Download our iOS app here.