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Teacher Quick-start Guide

New to Quizlet? Follow these easy steps to get started:

1. Sign up for a free Quizlet account

You can sign up in seconds with your email, Google account or Facebook.

Make sure your email address is correct and that you specify that you're a teacher.

2. Find or create study sets

Save time by finding study sets that have already been created by other teachers and learners on Quizlet. With over 180 million sets on thousands of topics, you're sure to find something to complement what you're teaching in class. You can even adapt these sets to save as your own.

To find existing sets on your subject or topic, click "Search" at the top of any Quizlet page and enter keywords (the more specific the better).

You can also easily create study sets with your own material. Enter or import terms and definitions, add images, choose languages, and edit your sets at any time. To get started, select "Create" in the same indigo header.

3. Play a game of Quizlet Live

Once you've created or found a set you'd like your students to review, play Quizlet Live — a fun, collaborative game that gets every student engaged. To set up a game just choose the Live button from the options on the set page:

This will generate a unique code that your students can enter on their laptops, devices or phones to join the game. Learn more about playing Quizlet Live here.

Your students can also practice your material individually, in and out of class, with several fun activities and games that they will see when they go to your set (shown in the image above).

4. Create a class to organize your sets

Quizlet classes help you organize your sets and get the right content to the right group of students. They also allow you to track student progress if you have an upgraded Quizlet Teacher account.

To create a class, select "Create a class" on the left sidebar:

Enter your class name and school to create your class. Then add the sets you'd like your students to study.

Learn more about creating classes and adding sets here.

5. Invite your students to your class

Ask your students to go to and sign up for free accounts. If they are over 13 years old, give them this handout to guide them through signing up and joining your class. If they are under 13, share this handout with parents.

There are a few different ways to have students join classes:

Option 1: Share a join link

Go to your class page and find the "Class join link." You can copy and paste this link into a group email, include it in the handouts above, add it to your class website, create a QR code or even write this link on the board.

When a student follows this link, they'll be taken to your class where they can click "Join Class" to be added:

Option 2: Have students search for your username

If you'd prefer to have your students request to join your class, tell them to go to Quizlet and search for your username.

Once on your profile, they can click into your Classes tab to find all the classes you've created and choose the class they'd like to join:

Then they can select the "Request to join class" button. You can review all requests and accept students into your class. When someone has requested to join, we'll notify you by email and when you next log into Quizlet.

More helpful resources

Check out additional teacher resources — including webinars, our teacher blog, PD templates and more — on our For Teachers page.

When logged into Quizlet, you can easily find this page by hovering over your username on the upper right and selecting it from the dropdown options.