Quizlet’s Honour Code

At Quizlet, we believe in students. We believe in their ability to learn with determination and integrity. That’s why our mission is to make students unstoppable by helping them practise and master their material in an honest fashion. In addition to your school’s academic integrity policies, this Honour Code sets out Quizlet’s expectations for your behaviour on its platform. When you study using Quizlet, you agree to uphold this Honour Code.

Begin with your instructor. Every school and class has its own academic integrity policies. We recommend you have a conversation with your instructor so that you can understand your responsibilities regarding posting, sharing and accessing study material online. If you’re uncertain as to what’s allowed in your class, the best thing you can do is ask your instructor. Remember that every class may have different rules.

We believe in you. If you’re tempted to use Quizlet in a way that’s inconsistent with your own values or your instructor’s expectations, remember that you will succeed with by studying honestly and finding the right support. Don’t cheat yourself out of an opportunity to learn. No matter how hard the material may seem or how much time you have left to study, you can make choices of which you can be proud.

Help other students study in an honest fashion. The way you yourself use Quizlet also has an effect on how other students use our platform. If you’re using past tests to study, this material may still appear on other students’ tests later. If your set contains test material that your instructor has asked you not to post publicly, it should be made private.

The misuse of our platform to cheat is incompatible with our values and prohibited by this Honour Code. Here are some examples of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Violating the academic integrity policies of your school or class
  • Posting the answers to a test and sharing them with other students who haven’t yet sat the test
  • Sharing material on Quizlet with your classmates during a closed-book exam or test
  • Using Quizlet during an exam or test to plagiarise answers
  • Publicly posting material that your instructor has asked you not to distribute

The bottom line: Don’t use Quizlet to do thing of which your instructor wouldn't approve.

Quizlet is designed for honest studying in order to set you on your path to becoming unstoppable, and we ask you — both students and instructors — to help keep it that way. If you find active test questions and answers in Quizlet study sets, please submit a report to us and we’ll address the issue promptly.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at trust@quizlet.com.